Our cooking studio


A cooking studio as a showroom

Next to our factory in Best, we also have the Rosval Experience centre. A showroom filled with the craftsmanship of Rosval and which is also used as a cooking studio. Here we offer you the very special opportunity to test our products and also to take part in a cooking workshop. In fact, we often organise demos, cookery workshops and club and group evenings here. Click on the News page for the dates of the demos and information about how to register.

The super-luxurious cooking studio is run by “Essence Culinair” under the leadership of Wil Zuidhof. 


Essence Culinair

Essence Culinair guarantees quality culinary cooking. So not simply "fancy cooking", but real haute cuisine! It doesn’t matter if cooking is the culmination of a teambuilding event or a meeting or the beginning of a group event: the method remains the same. We can easily work with groups of between 10 and 40 people.

A meeting in combination with a culinary experience? Then check out the possibilities on www.essenceculinair.nl.