New products

Drawer fronts with a wood look

Besides hygiene, appearance is also very important for Rosval. Recently, as well as the stainless steel finish, you can also choose a wood-like appearance.

Rosval Handmade Quality!

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Een One of our innovations, Easy - Cooling®

Refrigerated workbenches with drawers and doors without rubber seals! Read more about the Easy-Cooling® from Rosval.

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New products 

Rosval wall shelves (invisible mounted)

Rosval’s stainless steel wall shelves are an essential part of any kitchen.

Rosval has now taken the next step in the development of these shelves with the production of these unique wall shelves with an invisible mounting system (no visible wall brackets).

The wall shelves can be supplied with or without raised edges. And because the support is in the wall, dirt has no chance!

The number 1 solution for better hygiene in the kitchen!