The Cool-Spot innovation

The Cool-Spot innovation

Cool-Spot is a unique combination of cold air and fine water vapour that are brought together through a blower console above the work surface. Cool-Spot creates an optimum working and storage climate, with a temperature of between 6 and 8 °C, making it ideally suited for presenting fresh meat and fish products, vegetables and dairy products.

Products placed under Cool-Spot can remain uncovered much longer and without any reduction in quality.

> keeps fresh food fresh
> helps you minimise product loss
> saves time
> saves energy
> for stress-free working

Cool-Spot for your buffet

You can choose to use Cool-Spot in a buffet form. This will keep your foodstuffs fresh much longer, which is ideal for your buffet. And the water mist adds a spectacular effect to your buffet!


A Cool-Spot unit in your kitchen 

Cool-Spot is also available as a stainless steel unit, custom-made for you, which you can use when preparing fresh foods, filleting fish and plating up cold dishes. Cool-Spot keeps your ingredients and dishes cool and fresh.