Easy - Cooling® Rosval

Every chef’s dream!

Refrigerated work benches with rubber-free sealing for draws and cupboards!

Considerable savings: no periodic replacement of rubber seals and cheap and easy to clean.

A professional kitchen has strict requirements concerning hygiene and food safety. Until now, the draws and cupboards of refrigerated counters have been equipped with rubber seals that need extensive daily cleaning and periodic replacement.

ROSVAL has developed an innovative and patented sealing system that replaces the old rubber seals. The design significantly improves hygiene, saves costly cleaning time, and makes the periodic replacement of rubber seals no longer necessary.

Note: existing refrigerated work benches can also be retrofitted with the Easy-Cooling® system relatively simply!

ROSVAL has been a market leader in the field of furnishing custom-made professional kitchens in hotels, restaurants and other establishments for over thirty years.



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