Rosval refrigerated workbenches

Rosval refrigerated workbenches

Rosval is leading the way in the innovative development of refrigeration systems and applications for refrigerated and 'garde manger' workbenches. Our custom-made solutions enable major savings on cleaning, energy and maintenance costs. We have integrated numerous highly innovative techniques into our Rosval refrigeration units and systems.

> Refrigerated drawers without rubber seals: one of our inventions!
> Defrosting at a time of your choice
> Environmentally friendly refrigerants
> Electronic thermostat with digital temperature indication
> Central locking system option, so that you only need one key to lock all refrigerated drawers

Rosval only employs experienced refrigeration engineers. Furthermore we hold F-Gas Regulation and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) certification. The F-Gas Regulation and the PED are European regulations that apply throughout Europe.

*The F-Gas Regulation indicates how maintenance and repairs are to be performed, by whom and how often.
*The PED describes the design, assembly and commissioning conditions a refrigeration system has to comply with. This also includes guidelines on the documentation required for such systems. Source:

Rosval workbenches with integrated freezers

Our freezer workbenches are stainless steel workbenches with freezers built into them. They are custom-made, based on your exact wishes and requirements. We manufacture our freezer workbenches with both drawers and doors.