Fryers and fryer units

We offer three different brands of electric and gas fryers: Kiremko, Pitco and Mareno. Every fryer has separate temperature control ranging from 90 to 200 °C. These fryers have a thermostat control or a frying computer which allows the frying times etc. to be programmed, depending on your preference. You can also opt to have an integrated oil/fat filter system. This will give you great savings on oil or fat year in, year out.  

Technical specifications

  • Gas fryers

Kiremko and Pitco supply gas fryers. High-efficiency Kiremko fryers are economic in their use of oil or fat. You can request an integrated oil/fat filter system in these fryers. The Pitco gas fryers are more attractively priced but are less efficient.



  • Electric fryers

Mareno and Kiremko supply us with electric fryers. The Kiremko electric fryers have a larger oil/fat capacity and have an optional automatic oil/fat filter system.


Oil/Fat filter system

An integrated oil/fat filter system will save you a lot of money on oil or fat. All our Rosval fryers are fitted with an automatic oil/fat filter system with separate drain and return circuits. This prevents contaminated and filtered oil or fat from coming into contact with each other. The filter system has a very fine stainless steel filter over which filter powder is spread. The oil or fat is circulated automatically for five minutes to ensure an optimum contact time with the filter powder, removing even the slightest contamination from the oil or the fat. The contaminated oil or fat can be pumped into the corresponding waste receptacle using a detachable hose or a permanently connected circuit.