Rosval quality griddles

Griddles are ideally suited for frying several portions of meat and/or fish products quickly. Our griddles ensure rapid heating and even cooking results. Our range features various griddles:

> Rosval induction griddles
> Rosval combined griddle and grill units
> Rosval chrome griddles

Rosval induction griddle

Our induction griddles let you cook directly on the griddle. The stainless steel griddle reaches a temperature of 230 degrees Celsius within 3.5 minutes and then stays at the required temperature, making it extremely suitable for à la carte restaurants. This makes Rosval griddles unique! Even if you fill the griddle with cold products, the temperature will only fluctuate by 1 to 2 degrees. You can choose a stand-alone and/or an integrated griddle. Our griddles are available with depths of 15, 65, 100 and 150 mm. The deeper versions have a stopper in their drain opening, enabling you to quickly convert them into a baking tray. 

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Rosval combined griddle and grill units

If your menu features products that need several and sometimes different methods of preparation, the combination of a griddle and a grill plate is a very efficient solution. We have installed many such griddle and grill units in professional kitchens.

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Rosval chrome griddles

The Rosval chrome griddle comes in two sizes, both of which can be integrated into your cooker. These hard chromed griddles ensure maximum contact heat with the products and, as a result, minimum radiation heat in your kitchen. The griddle reaches the required temperature very rapidly, enabling you to cook products quickly.


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