Rosval grill 

A grill is an indispensable element in any professional kitchen. Rosval's standard range features three kinds of grill. Choose for a stand-alone or an integrated version.

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Rosval vapo grill

A unique Rosval product. The water tank ensures a high level of humidity so that the product retains all its juices. You can add spices to the water tank to give products a unique flavour. The grills can be fitted with 1, 2, 3, or 4 elements and are available in two depths: 310 mm and 490 mm. We produce the Rosval vapo grills as stand-alone and drop-in models.

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Rosval lava stone grill

The Rosval lava stone grill is ideal for all professional kitchens. Grilling is possible through the heat radiated by lava stones. These are heated up to high temperatures by stainless steel gas burners that have flame stabilisation. The Rosval lava stone grill is available in various models and dimensions, both as a stand-alone or integrated version.

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Rosval grill plate

The grill you are most familiar with and an appliance you can count on in your kitchen! Rosval only supplies high-quality grills made from hard chromed steel. The temperature on these grills can be programmed very accurately and is easily read.

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