Induction cooking - cost - effective and efficient

Fast, accurate, clean and efficient - that’s what induction cooking means. This type of cooking hardly generates any heat radiation because the electromagnetic field only heats the pan rather than the entire zone. Induction cooking yields an unrivalled efficiency of 90% when heating, instead of 60% for ceramic, and 50% for gas hobs. Energy-saving induction cooking not only benefits the environment, but is also very kind to your bank balance as well.
Rosval supplies various induction products:

> Rosval induction woks
> Rosval induction griddles
> Rosval induction hotplates
> Rosval induction hobs

Rosval induction wok

The Rosval induction wok is a unique option for your kitchen. The wok can be seamlessly integrated into your Rosval cooker, but a stand-alone wok is also available.

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Rosval induction griddle

Our induction griddles let you cook directly on the griddle. The stainless steel griddle reaches a temperature of 230 degrees Celsius within 3.5 minutes and then stays at the required temperature, making it extremely suitable for à la carte restaurants. This makes Rosval griddles unique! Even if you fill the griddle with cold products, the temperature will only fluctuate by 1 to 2 degrees. You can choose a stand-alone and/or an integrated griddle. Our griddles come with depths of 15, 65, 100 and 150 mm. The deeper versions have a stopper in their drain opening, enabling you to quickly convert them into a baking tray. We also supply Rosval induction griddles as stand-alone models.

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Rosval induction hotplates

Our hotplates are induction plates onto which a tray for chafing dish can be placed to keep your dishes nice and hot during a dinner or buffet. 

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Rosval induction hob

The Rosval induction hob is very suitable if you need to cook your product fast. The Rosval induction hob offers some excellent afvantages over other induction hobs:

> Extreme cooking comfort
> Energy efficient (cost saving)
> Easy to clean 
> No heat radiation

As soon as a pan is placed on the hob, energy will be applied to ensure very fast heating. The hobs work by means of pan recognition and can be adjusted very precisely. This is modern cooking! We also supply Rosval induction hobs as stand-alone models.


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